our story

The idea for Coastal Caviar was born exactly where it should be—on the beach, of course. Bonnet Shores, a Rhode Island favorite, to be specific. 

Kelly and her soon-to-be husband, Colt, quickly bonded over their love of being on the water. Kelly grew up in Marblehead, MA, a charming seaside town with a knack for boating, fishing, and everything in between. Colt spent summers at Bonnet Shores taking his signature walk up and down the beach (listening to sports talk radio, of course). T

The only thing Kelly loves more than being on the water? Creating. And Colt? The Red Sox (but we’ll discuss that obsession another day). Kelly’s love for creating started at a young age. Drawing. Painting. Macaroni shell necklaces.

Fortunately, the macaroni shell necklaces have evolved into the beautiful pieces you’ll find at Coastal Caviar. Starting her career at ALEX AND ANI, she quickly understood the power of jewelry–especially jewelry with meaning. She believes nothing completes any outfit more than a unique piece of jewelry, especially one that’s 100% unique to you. 

Coastal Caviar grew from Kelly and Colt's deep love for the ocean. It was important to them that the business continued to feed what inspired it in the first place. For every piece sold, a donation is made to Sailors for the Sea: the world’s leading ocean conservation organization that engages, educates, and activates the sailing and boating community toward restoring ocean health.